White House And Senate Reach Historic $2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Deal

Senate leaders and the White House reached an agreement on Wednesday on a massive $2 trillion stimulus package hoping to help businesses and workers negatively affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The agreement followed five days of negotiations between the Democrats, the Republicans and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, among others, as the package was unable […]

FDA Will Let Doctors Treat Critical Patients With Blood From Covid-19 Survivors

On Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration approved investigating treatment options for the outbreak by using plasma collected from recovered COVID-19 patients. Doctors in China have already tried these specific COVID-19 treatments using what the history books call “convalescent serum,” also known as donated plasma. However, there’s no guarantee it will work. Dr. Arturo Casadevall […]

Shortage Of Lupus Drug After President Trump Touts It As Possible Coronavirus Cure

Speculation about treating the new coronavirus with malaria drugs is raising hopes, and now a shortage of these drugs is complicating access for people who need them for rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. Chloroquine and a similar drug, hydroxychloroquine have shown encouraging signs in small, early tests against the coronavirus. President Trump tweeted that hydroxychloroquine plus […]

National Guard To Be Deployed In NY, California And Washington Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

The National Guard will be deployed to assist in the fight against the coronavirus in the hard-hit states of New York, California and Washington, President Donald Trump announced. Announced at Sunday evening’s briefing of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, the move will include delivery of medical supplies and the establishment of medical stations in […]